Bicentennial Guidelines

Three key elements

There are three key elements that make up the Bicentennial look and feel: marks, messages, and images. You can incorporate one, two, or all three elements into a single marketing piece.

1. Bicentennial marks

Bicentennial marks include tabs, badges, lockups, and signatures. You can add a Bicentennial mark to print and digital ads, websites, signs, apparel, merchandise, letterheads, website footers, official documents, and ceremonial materials.

How to use Bicentennial marks

2. Bicentennial messages

Bicentennial messages can be formal or informal, event-focused or narrative, subtle or in depth. You can weave Bicentennial messages into body copy, headlines, calls to action—virtually anywhere you have an audience.

How to write Bicentennial messages

3. Bicentennial images

Bicentennial images are iconic: not just old and tattered, but expressive of a specific place or time. The right images will make audiences think about where we were, where we’ve been, and where we’re going as an institution.

How to choose Bicentennial images