Bicentennial Images

Bicentennial images are iconic images

An image can be iconic: transport you to a specific time and place.

Or, an image can be just old. Literally, taken a long time ago.

What makes an image iconic, and what separates iconic images from all the rest? Here are some tips for finding the perfect Bicentennial image.

Choosing an iconic archive image

Look for signs of the times

Hair or clothing styles, ancient technology, classic cars or bikes: anything that is unique to a particular time period.

Look for tradition

That thing your school or campus is known for. Something that will resonate equally with current students and alumni.

Look for engagement

People doing things, preferably with other people. We connect with the idea of how people interact with each other and how they spend their time.

Look for emotional response

Does the image make you smile, laugh, or feel curious?

Is your image iconic, or just old?