Topical photos

Connect the content to the subject.

Topical photos capture people in the environment they work in, and allow your subject to walk, talk, and move through that environment in an authentic manner. These photos should feel organic, casual, and confident. Use a short depth of field that creates a strong focus on the subject.

A male counselor and a female student talk in a well-lit, comfortable campus office.
An IU female diver confidently stands in a candy-striped swim suit.
Two students get their hands dirty as they work together in a garden.
Silhouettes of students are visible on a massive virtual reality projection screen.
Joshua Bell instructs violin students in the Jacobs School of Music.
IU dentistry professor works with students in a hands-on lesson.

Cultural photos

Showcase the IU spirit, diversity, and energy.

Cultural photos capture the spirit and uniqueness of the different communities, organizations, schools, clubs, and campuses that make Indiana University what it is. These photos should capture the lifestyle at your campus and highlight the experiences of faculty, staff, and students.

A diverse group of four students gather to talk at a cafe in downtown Indianapolis.
A male student throws his head back in laughter while playing chess.
Little 500 bikers make a sharp turn.
Two Marching Hundred musicians shout excitedly at an IU football game.
Student row canoes on the canal in downtown Indianapolis on a sunny day.
A professor showing a student how to work with textiles in a studio art classroom

Environmental photos

Capture the beauty and uniqueness of each IU campus.

Environmental photos may showcase campus landmarks such as the Sample Gates, dramatic architecture found throughout campuses, or classrooms and study spaces. The key is making your audience feel like they can imagine the environment before they’re ever in it.

A unique perspective looking up at the announcer's booth at Memorial Stadium
The Indianapolis city skyline sparkles at night.
A fountain sculpture on campus
The Showalter Fountain and IU Auditorium lit up at night.
A group of student walk through city buildings in Indianapolis on a sunny afternoon.
Students walk down a modern staircase.