Marketing Lockups

The informal system for branding marketing and communications

The marketing lockup provides a consistent and easily identifiable mark for the university to be used on all marketing materials, both on screen and in print.

For design flexibility, the lockup has horizontal and vertical options, and either black or white text depending on background image or color. The key is making sure the lockup is distinguishable and legible.

Campus marketing lockups

Campus marketing lockups have a flexible structure that allows for a broad range of use. They can be used across all of your marketing efforts, creating a consistency that further aligns all IU campuses as part of one institution.

Campus marketing lockups can be accompanied by the brand tagline or used independently.

Download campus marketing lockups

School and department marketing lockups

Marketing lockups help schools, departments, and other units stay true to the Indiana University brand.

While official IU signatures are used for letterheads, envelopes, business cards, official documents, and ceremonial materials, lockups are used for all marketing channels—digital, print, web, and virtually everything else.

Logos and lockups for centers and institutes

Almost all centers and institutes at IU must use the trident and a marketing lockup. You must leverage the brand if:

  • Your website URL ends in .edu
  • Your funding comes primarily from IU
  • You are identified as "The Indiana University _________"


There are a few exceptions to this rule. Your center or institute may qualify for an exception if:

  • You receive funding outside of the university
  • You function as part of a multi-institution partnership
  • You focus on other colleges and universities as your target audience

For help determining whether or not your center qualifies for an exemption, contact us.

Student organization marks

If you are part of an academic or professional organization that’s affiliated with the university (university student organizations), you should use the official Self-Governed Student Organization (SGSO) mark on your marketing materials. It’s designed to be used with your organization’s logo, not instead of it.

For your logo, you are free to use the marketing lockup tool or create your own.

All other organizations can create their own logos—but should not use the official SGSO mark.

Create your marketing lockup

There’s no need to design your marketing lockup on your own. Our online tool makes it fast and easy to create a lockup with vertical, horizontal, and centered versions.