Typography and the IU brand

When designing marketing materials, you have three IU brand fonts to choose from. They are all web-safe fonts, so you can use them to create variety in both digital and print pieces.

However, when you are using brand fonts on the web, you should NOT download them. Instead, you should insert the correct code into your html to implement them on your site.

Download IU brand fonts for print use Get the correct fonts for web use

Benton Sans

Benton Sans is strong, modern, and simple. Its variety of weights and widths allow the typeface to be used virtually anywhere.

Download the print font
Benton Sans fonts

Georgia Pro

Georgia Pro is a traditional serif font that is familiar and confident, yet not overly assertive. It feels elegant, yet sturdy.

Download the print font
Georgia Pro font

Salvo Serif

Salvo Serif is confident, noble, and reminiscent of the IU trident. The typeface is professional yet informal and approachable, even quirky.

Download the print font

Pairing fonts

Mixing fonts and weights allows for versatility within the brand while adding visual appeal to your design.

The choice of typeface can shift the feel of a layout and message for a particular audience. Whether your piece is formal, casual, or somewhere in between, the university brand fonts provide a variety of solutions.

Tone and type

The font you choose should also reflect the tone of the communication you are creating.


When working on formal communications, such as materials for academic ceremonies, official documents, and faculty-oriented events, you must use the traditional typefaces, Georgia Pro and Benton Sans.


If you are developing materials for student recruitment, campus events, and other, more casual marketing efforts, you are free to make use of the full range of approved fonts—provided you satisfy the other guidelines outlined here.