Tell the IU story visually

The power of the IU brand relies on every marketing and communications effort from all campuses. It is vital that we consistently represent IU—and own our visual identity.

That’s why we’ve created this website. We want you to confidently put the IU brand into action.

But make no mistake. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of tools. These design guidelines ensure consistency, but encourage creative flexibility. You have the freedom to create branded materials that showcase your school’s, office’s, or department’s unique personality.

Once you’re familiar with the IU master brand, learn about the visual language of the IU brand and discover how to use typography, color, and photography to create branded materials.

Logos and Lockups

Indiana University is a name to be proud of. A name with weight and history. As such, it must be treated with the appropriate amount of respect and dignity.

Our branding system includes a number of ways to use the Indiana University name and closely associated symbols as identifiers. However, there is only one logo—the IU trident.

Learn about IU logos and lockups