Voice & Tone

When writing marketing materials for IU, it's important to stick to the voice and tone established within the brand framework and messaging. This helps ensure that all the communications our audiences come across sound and feel the same way.


In general, make sure you:

  • Stay away from higher-ed speak. Use words that the layperson is apt to understand—not industry jargon.
  • Talk to your audience. Don't be afraid to use first-and second-person pronouns.
  • Keep it brief. Avoid long-winded sentences and convoluted paragraphs.


Tone refers to the manner in which we speak. For instance, you might use a casual, informal tone when communicating with prospective students on a website. But when creating a white paper about new research being completed by a school, a more formal tone is appropriate.

Feel free to adjust your tone to ensure your marketing materials feel appropriate for your topic, audience, and environment.

For more information or help with the IU voice and tone, contact us.