The IU brand is all about promise. And not just one promise. There are a myriad of promises that we make—to our students and their families, our alumni, our faculty and staff, and to our communities.

But even that’s not the whole story. There is also the promise that exists within each of us. The promise to fulfill our potential and rise to ever greater heights. That’s also a promise that IU helps to fulfill.

We have created a number of specific promises to help shape our messaging, but they are not intended to be used word for word.  They can and should guide the tone and content of your marketing materials. But use the language and phrasing that you know will resonate best with your audiences.

Use these promises to:

  • Create a distinctive frame for your stories
  • Knit features into narratives
  • Serve as a guide when formulating specific messages for audiences

Selected promises for prospective students

  • Degrees for dreamers, doers, and leaders
  • Faculty you admire, teachers who inspire
  • Career guidance from day one
  • Lifetime membership in a global network
  • Preparing you for a lifetime of success
  • A life-changing journey

Selected promises for current students

  • Preparation for whatever comes next
  • Friendships that never fade
  • A community you can always return to
  • A global network ready to help you

Selected promises for alumni and donors

  • Connections that span the globe
  • Contacts you’ve never met, everywhere you go
  • Helping to shape the future
  • Helping students reach higher and dream bigger
  • Sharing your passion with future generations

For a more complete list of brand promises, please contact us.