Our Brand Messages: The Point of the Story

Along with a well-developed structure, every good story has a clear voice and a strong point of view.

That's what the IU brand messages provide. They can and should guide the tone and content of your marketing materials. But use the language and phrasing that you know will resonate best with your audiences.

Use the brand messages to:

  • Provide a context for facts
  • Create a distinctive frame for your stories
  • Knit features into narratives
  • Ensure you are articulating IU’s institutional personality
  • Ensure you’re writing in vernacular language (no windy “higher ed” speak)
  • Serve as a guide when formulating specific messages for audiences

Remember, this is a living, breathing document. It can and will evolve as our needs as an institution change.

Our Core Message

Where the future takes shape—every hour, every day.

Right now, on five regional campuses, at our Tier One research university in Bloomington, at our core urban campus in Indianapolis, and in our consistently top-ranked medical school, people from all walks of life are engaged in the same critical work: looking at the world from new angles and finding new possibilities. Because of IU, the cultivation of new ideas and new perspectives is a 24/7 enterprise throughout Indiana. And it’s how our students, faculty, and researchers turn information into action and tangible change that will make a difference for all of us.

Our Approach

We are more than an institution; we’re a commitment.

We see ourselves as more than an institution; we’re a commitment. Indiana grew because its landscape of vast, yet varied plains offered an equal playing field for everyone—and possibilities in every direction. That legacy lives on in the campuses of IU. Our students have very different goals from one another, but they each bring to IU campuses an adventurous, determined spirit.

Who We Are

The crossroads of discovery.

Indiana is the Crossroads of America, but IU makes the state the crossroads of discovery as well. We draw talent from across the nation and around the world—people who see our campuses as places of tremendous opportunity and hope. We’re proving that world’s biggest questions and challenges are no match for that uniquely Indiana sense of pragmatism, compassion, and ingeniousness. Whether it’s making urban and rural communities healthier, making our classrooms more innovative, or partnering with the Smithsonian Institution to better understand the health of the environment, we have the talent and determination to find the way forward.

Our Character

We meet the highest standards—our own.

No matter where they go to school, our graduates all hold the same Indiana University diploma. That’s why we make sure every IU campus upholds the same driving principles of rigor, mentorship, and collaboration. We want every IU degree to command respect and instill pride, no matter where that degree takes the person holding it.

Why We Matter Now

The nation can look to Indiana to see what higher education is doing right.

At a time when the value of higher education is being hotly debated, we’re proof that when you stay true to a vision and mission, the results are transformative. Herman B Wells knew this back in 1938 and it remains true today. We’ve created a model of educational leadership where aspiration and access aren’t mutually exclusive—but we also know its continued success depends on never being satisfied with the status quo. To everyone who comes here to pursue better, to those whose lives we touch, to all of our stakeholders and families, we make this promise: IU will always be the pacesetter.