Primary Colors

The official Indiana University colors are cream and crimson. These are the primary colors for use on all IU-administered campuses and should be dominant in any and all marketing materials.

IUPUI Colors

IUPUI uses crimson and black with gold as an accent. The Purdue schools at IUPUI are represented only by the IUPUI black. In instances where IU cream is impractical or not available, white may be used.

Primary Color Palette

This is the default palette for all IU campuses, schools, and units. It includes accents that you can use in conjunction with the primary colors.

IU Crimson

IU Crimson
Pantone 201
C0 M100 Y65 K34
R125, G17, B12

IU Cream

IU Cream
Pantone 7500
C1 M5 Y23 K3
R225, G216, B183

Secondary Color Palette

This palette was created to give you broader artistic freedom at the school and unit level. These should only be used as accents to the primary colors—never in place of them.

IU Steel

IU Steel
Pantone Warm Grey 9
C17 M25 Y25 K49
R130, G120, B111

IU Limestone

IU Limestone
Pantone Warm Grey 5
C11 M13 Y14 K26
R174, G167, B159

IU Midnight

IU Midnight
Pantone 5405
C71 M30 Y13 K41
R68, G105, B125

IU Old Gold

IU Old Gold
Pantone 1245
C7 M35 Y100 K13
R197, G146, B23

IU Majestic

IU Majestic
Pantone 269
C80 M95 Y0 K35
R75, G48, B106

IU Mint

IU Mint
Pantone 337
C40 M0 Y23 K0
R154, G220, B198

IU Leather

IU Leather
Pantone 722
C3 M45 Y64 K9
R203, G131, B66

IU Mahogany

IU Mahogany
Pantone 7533
C36 M52 Y65 K85
R74, G60, B49

Brand Color Combinations

We have created official brand color combinations to illustrate how the primary colors should be used in relation to the complimentary hues within the secondary palette. They are expressed here in terms of percentages. The dominant (primary) tone should always account for the largest percentage of color in your design. Adhering to these guidelines is essential in maintaining a unified brand identity.

IU Cream Combination
IU Cream Combination

IU Gold Combination
IU Gold combination

IU Mahogany Combination
IU Mahogany combination

IU Majestic Combination
IU Majestic combination

IU Midnight Combination
IU Midnight combination

IU Mint Combination
IU Mint combination

IU Passion Combination
IU Passion combination

IU Pride Combination
IU Pride Combination

IU Scarlet Combination
IU Scarlet Combination

IU Cornsilk Combination
IU Cornsilk combination

IU Grain Combination
IU Grain

IU Wheat Combination
IU Wheat combination

For more information, or help choosing a color palette, contact us.